P: 978-970-1947 • F: 978-970-1948
6 Courthouse Lane, Suite 8
Chelmsford, MA 01824
P: 978-970-1947 • F: 978-970-1948
6 Courthouse Lane, Suite 8
Chelmsford, MA 01824


Detroit, MI

“The MicroChamber is much smaller than other larger more cumbersome chamber devices. I also use a nebulizer device which is difficult to use in public. I can now use your MicroChamber device with my inhaler products which fits nicely into my suit coat pocket. Your product is very user friendly.!”

Chicago, IL

“I would like to express my gratitude for your development of the MicroSpacer. I’m an asthmatic who has to use two inhalers. Your product has helped tremendously with the amount of medication being delivered to my lungs. Since your product, I feel much better.”

Tuscon, AZ

“I am an elderly woman that has asthma and C.O.P.D. The MicroChamber makes it easier for me to take my inhaler medications and conveniently fits into my purse. Thank you!”

New York, NY

“The MicroSpacer indeed seems to be very successful. My secretary has severe asthma and finds it effective, convenient to carry and use compared to other spacers.”

Ocala, FL

“Finally, a low cost chamber device. In general I found my patients to find it very convenient, easy to use with good compliance.”

Quincy, MA

“I’ve been using MicroSpacer with great results for the past two years. All my inhaler patients really like the fact that MicroSpacer is so small, effective and convenient to use.”

Flagstaff, AZ

“I’ve recommended MicroChamber for close to 50% of my asthma patients and find that many of them who have been using inhalers for years find a significant improvement with the addition of your product.”

Boston, MA

“Over the past 2 years the nurses in the allergy program have introduced a number of adolescent patients to the MicroSpacer device for use with their Albuterol MDI Medication.

Many patients had refused to use other spacer/chamber devices and were not able to effectively perform the open mouth technique.

Many reported that the MicroSpacer was preferred to the larger chamber devices.”

Newark, NJ

“I am a real believer in the MicroChamber and will talk to my friends at Asthma and Allergy Associates Mothers of Asthmatics (AANMA) about including it with their resources.”

Saratoga, CA

“I am a real believer in the MicroSpacer, besides the obvious convenience factor (small size). It is not embarrassing to use in public. And by the way, if a 12 year old kid (my son) will use it then that should be enough of a sales pitch. The MicroSpacer works better than the larger chambers and is easier to clean.”