MicrospacerŽ is an aerosol spacer device for use with metered-dose inhaler products. It represents a technological breakthrough regarding proper airway disposition of asthma medication.

MicrospacerŽ reduces "impactor throat" deposition over 70%, but that is only one factor in the MicrospacerŽ story! The vestpocket-size MicrospacerŽ extends the mouthpiece of a metered-dose inhaler only one inch, and weighs less than one ounce. The MicrospacerŽ can be attached to a metered-dose inhaler in seconds, and can be easily detached for cleaning and drying. Each MicrospacerŽ is constructed of durable, recyclable plastic, and should last from four to six months before requiring replacement.

MicrospacerŽ outperformed the larger spacer devices regarding percentage of respirable dose delivered. (Current Therapeutic Research, Vol.58, No.8, August 1997)


MicrospacerŽ - Technical Information

The MicrospacerŽ device is made of a durable plastic polyethylene. The built-in screen wall blocks large aerosol medication particles that normally deposit in the mouth and throat while allowing the smaller treatment particles to pass through and into the lungs. This provides effective treatment and helps to reduce unwanted side effects. The built-in screen system ensures you adequate coordination time with the spraying of your inhaler. MicrospacerŽ will help you inhale your aerosol medication more reliably. Should you have any problem using MicrospacerŽ, please contact your doctor or pharmacist.

MicrospacerŽ - Cleaning

With repeated use, powder will accumulate on the MicrospacerŽ screen and around the MDI valve. This may eventually interfere with effective use. We suggest washing the MDI mouthpiece and the MicrospacerŽ unit daily or at least once a week. Warm tap water passing through the back of the screen is best, followed by drying with a soft, lint-free cloth or leaving the MicrospacerŽ overnight to air dry. Dishwasher safe and Latex free.

Since most patients become lax in proper cleaning procedures, we suggest you replace the MicrospacerŽ unit every 4- 6 months. Also, if a patient is using more than one inhaler product, a new and separate MicrospacerŽ unit should be used for each different inhaler product. The reason for this is to avoid any aerosol drug mixing if the same MicrospacerŽ unit is used with various inhaler products.

MicrospacerŽ - Instructions

The MicrospacerŽ unit is a device that attaches to a metered-dose aerosol inhaler (MDI) prescribed by your doctor. The purpose of the MicrospacerŽ unit is to block and disperse the large aerosol drug particles released from the metered-dose inhaler, thus allowing you to inhale the medication more effectively after spraying the MDI.

Before using your MicrospacerŽ medical device, please read and carefully follow the directions.